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Time tells the history, while the clock states the time. Human beings are born with the concept and feelings of time; however, instrument for measuring time unit is not the case the birth and development of which is closely related with the practice of human beings.
“Sundial” is a device that measures double-hour by the position of the Sun (one double-hour is equal to 2 hours), comprising a stile which can cast shadows and a plate marked with lines indicating the hours of the day. It appears approximately in Han dynasty (206 B.C.-220 A.D.).
The clock science belongs to astronomy originally, and then it relates to mathematics, physics, chemistry, geodesic, navigation, and machinery manufacturing in the process of its development. With the beginning of industrial revolution, science and technology is developed rapidly, mechanical drived timer began to spring up in Europe.
The clocks developed by Yuxuan Company take the classical clocks of Britain, France, Germany as prototype; most shells of the clocks are of nonferrous metal structures---the main is copper, and the surface takes the techniques of wiry enamel, painted enamel, stone mosaic, copper sculpture as the main decorations. With elegant color tones, it contains church architecture type, folding screen type, trophy type, locomotive type, automobile type, and birdcage type. There are more changes for internal structures, there are rolling ball clock which takes weight as power source, and pressure clock which takes steel balls as power source. In the design, gear linkage system which makes full use of clockwork spring as its power source, and installed some mobile figures, molding of birds, and animals, etc. Some of the clocks are installed with instruments such as “thermometer”, “weatherglass”, “eight note bell”, and “compass”, etc. There are two effects: gold-plated and imitates the old clock in the style of the ancient. The production process will take the elaboration imitation as the purpose. With modern technique, and combined with traditional process to imitate, the clocks integrate timing and art as a whole. All of the components are of single piece production, after fine grinding, polishing, being plated with 24K gold, and ancient imitation treatment, the senior clock technicians will assemble and debug them elaborately, the clocks are plain, elegant, and noble.
Since the day the clock was made, it has played an extraordinary role of media for the world to come to understand each other and the tool of communication. Whether from the surprise the western missionary brought the world to the approval gained from the world, or from the procurement of imperial family to mutual trade, the clock has played a role. Any other western item could not compare with the speeds of worldwide diffusion and of being accepted of clock. What's more important, the world has greatly influenced on the sense of time.
The clock has not been just the simple timekeeping tool, it is more the emissary of cultural exchange and diffusion.
The more impressed thing the brilliant clocks bring us is our reverie about the history, and we get deeper knowledge of the household adornment.