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Hebei Yuxuan Classical Clock Co., Ltd is an integrated clock company comprising design, development, production, and sales of clocks. Hebei Yuxuan Classical Clock Co., Ltd takes the antique art clocks as main products, and antique art candle holder and other metal art handicraft as by-products. With years of operation, it has become the leading enterprise of antique art clock of our country.

Art clock was introduced into China during the 17th---18th century, which was then prevailing in Europe, however, the production process of which has been lost. In accordance with the demands of markets at home and abroad, the art clocks we produced have 6 series of enamel, cast copper marble, leather case, combined transport, skeleton, and multi-function clocks, which can be divided into 3 grades as high, intermediate and low, more than 400 types of products in total. In production process, we take the fine working imitation as the mission of products, imitate the model, style, and quality of the clocks in the 17th, 18th centuries with modern techniques, and combined with traditional technology, thus the clock integrate timing and art as a whole, which is antique, elegant, and magnificent.

For more than 20 years since the foundation of the Company, the products have been sold to more than 30 countries and regions such as Europe, America, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. The Company is now staffed with more than 300 workers, and employed scores of old clock artists and clockmakers to do works of design and development of products. The annual production capacity of Company is 120,000 sets (pieces). The fixed asset is over hundred millions, and the Company covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters, with a 20,000 square meter’s construction area. With professional team, strict management, and advanced equipment, the Company strives to create the art value and unique style of antique art clocks. With extraordinary works, and renovation, the Company integrated the beauty of western antique clock and the grace of oriental art crafts as a perfect whole, thus formed the extraordinary character and antique and elegant features. The products of the Company are of great appreciation, utilization, and collection value.

Yuxuan Company won the honorary titles of “Top 10 Outstanding Export Enterprises” issued by provincial and municipal governments, and “advanced enterprise of contract abiding & trustworthy enterprise” issued by provincial industrial & commercial administration of the same year. Our Company insists on adopting the enterprise culture of “Pursue First-class Products, Focus on Details; Attitude is everything” to improve the core competitive power, thus the Company has great sustaining power in the development! “To go far, one must start from near; there is no end to pursuit.”

Our Company will make continuous pioneering efforts as ever before to continue the antique clock techniques, and develop continuously new products on this basis, make antique clock art exerts its unique art charm by our efforts, and make the new products of our Company rank among the international brands.